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Corporate Travel & Expense Management and Accounts Payable Automation Solutions


Travel and Expense Management

ExpenseAnywhere is an easy to use web-based system that automates the process of managing expense reports. Integrated with various travel booking solutions, the system provides complete reconciliation of corporate expenses from travel booking to reimbursement for expenses.

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Supplier Invoice Automation

InvoiceAnywhere software automates the entire process of managing supplier invoices, from receipt of invoices, to payment for such invoices. The software utilizes our proprietary advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) based technology to automatically convert supplier invoices to data that is validated against company’s PO’s and policies and routed through the approval process for general ledger posting and payment.

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Purchasing Card Management

The PurchaseAnywhere software solution automates the reconciliation and management of Purchase Card (P-cards) spending. The solution allows easy allocation of P-card charges to appropriate GL accounts, validates expense receipts, manages disputed transactions and helps track use tax liabilities. The allocated charges are automatically routed through the corporate approval process for eventual posting to corporate ERP systems.

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Our products can easily integrate with your ERP systems, as well as other third party systems to provide your organization a complete turnkey solution, totally eliminating manual data entry. We provide both real-time or batch file ERP system integration, so our systems stay in-sync with your back-end systems all the time. Irrespective of your ERP system, you can be assured of a fully integrated system that automates data management and secures encrypted data transfer 24x7.

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Our products provide your organization the industry’s most outstanding and robust 360 degrees reporting, charting and analytics, with drill down capabilities to help you analyze spend. With a dash-board look and feel, our solutions provide many comprehensive standard reports to help you analyze your spending patterns. Policy exception reports provide complete spend visibility on profit leakages and help better manage contract compliance and strategic vendor sourcing. The report-writer built-in our solutions empower you to create, save, and run your favorite reports, either on demand or per your desired schedule. All of this and more, without requiring a costly IT resource to assist you to create and run your reports!


Our products are designed for complete interface with mobility. Our Mobile Apps empower you to do almost everything you can do from a network system. Whether it is creating an expense report, submitting an expense receipt, or approving an expense report, all of this and more is accessible to you at any time- no matter where in the world you may be! Our apps for IPhone, Android, IPad, Windows phones- are designed to make your expense management simply easy and instant!

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Our SaaS base solutions can be deployed in days! Our systems are designed with the highest degree of configurability. No matter where your company is located, where you travel, or procure your supplies from, we have a solution that will meet all your needs. If you require a “Special” function that doesn’t exist in our system we will custom design it for you. You can count on us!