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Government Agencies

Government procurement necessitates that travel expenses comply with the applicable regulations, which are complex and continually changing. These include compliance with changing CONUS/OCONUS reimbursement policies, and other FTR and JFTR guidelines including the Fly America Act for domestic and international travel, and extensive reimbursement policies for extended stay, residencies, trip within a trip, and pre-expense reporting, travel authorizations, validating expense receipts and corporate card charges against Per Diem reimbursements, all of which put enormous burden on travel, finance and audit departments across all federal, state, and local government offices.

Additionally, such rules also apply to companies doing business with the government.

ExpenseAnywhere-Gov is a comprehensive tool that provides a complete solution for all such complex policies and processes associated with the management of expense reports. The solution provides complete reconciliation of all expenses to help organizations be compliant at a much reduced cost with increased operational efficiency across the enterprise.