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Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices Companies

You’re a pharma company. You’re busy trying to help the world. We want to help make a difference in your lives. We understand you have unique needs in managing your travel and expense reporting as well as regulatory requirements to comply with the Physician Payments Sunshine Act.

ExpenseAnywhere provides a robust, cloud-based, easy to use expense reporting and management solution that delivers total automation of all your travel and expense management processes consistent with your policies. Integrated with leading online travel booking tools, ExpenseAnywhere makes it easy for your employees to book travel within your travel polices. The system automatically validates travel booking data, with the corporate card charges and expense receipts to create an expense reports ready for submission. Integrated with your back-end ERP systems, ExpenseAnywhere can be maintained in-sync with your ERP systems. Designed for global travelers and supporting all global currencies and country specific tax and reimbursement rules, ExpenseAnywhere can be your global partner for your global entities. Additionally, ExpenseAnywhere mobile app delivers your traveling employee’s access to the features they can from their desktops.

The Physician Payment Sunshine Act (PPSA) is a path you must follow to keep in compliance, and ExpenseAnywhere PPSA module will keep you compliant. This module helps you track and report on all expenses associated to health care providers and teaching hospitals and provides the CMS report in a format ready for submission.