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Small Business

We provide awesome, cloud-based, expense reporting and management software for small to medium sized businesses. Most "small business software" isn't actually built for small businesses. It's really meant for medium to large businesses with often hundreds of employees. We realize there is a big difference. With that in mind, we built ExpenseAnywhere-Express.

Designed for self-set up by the client, ExpenseAnywhere-Express is quick and simple to use and manage. In a few quick steps you can setup your employees, expense accounts and travel policies, and you’re good to go and on your way to saving time and money. Whether your employees have cash expenses, or use personal cards for business expenses, they will find it easy and simple and fast. With ExpenseAnywhere mobile apps for IPhone ad Android and Windows phones, they can enter their expenses, capture receipt images and submit them for reimbursement.

ExpenseAnywhere empowers your business with a smart cloud-based expense reporting solution with no upfront costs, and simple pay-for-use charges, feeing your accounts payable to manage other more important tasks. The solution helps you reduce your operational inefficiencies, stay green and keeping your employees happier!