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Product Literature

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Taking control of your supplier invoices!

InvoiceAnywhere provides a comprehensive solution for complete automation of Supplier Invoice Management processes. The solution totally eliminates manual processing and storage of invoices, duplicate payments and vendor management, resulting in substantial on-going cost savings with increased operational efficiencies.

As a cloud-based solution InvoiceAnywhere eliminates the need for a sizeable upfront investment in hardware and software, and ongoing maintenance charges. In addition to automating supplier invoices, the solution provides enhanced reporting and cash management services.

InvoiceAnywhere helps you avoid thousands of work-hours spent on redundant and error-prone paper-based systems. You can now manage and allocate your resources with absolute efficiency.

With InvoiceAnywhere solution, Supplier invoices may be submitted directly into InvoiceAnywhere via e-mail, Fax, or uploaded from the supplier's portal. Once received, InvoiceAnywhere instantly and automatically sequences invoices through the ART Processor which converts the uploaded invoices into digital invoices- “actionable data”. The digital invoices go through a man-machine interface to ensure 100% accuracy of the data. Once validated, the invoices are coded to appropriate company specific accounting lines, validated against the PO’s, where necessary and automatically routed through the corporate- specific approval workflow prior to final review and approval for payment. InvoiceAnywhere supports early payment discounts, where applicable; ACH direct disbursements to suppliers as well as export to your ERP system for supplier payments.

With InvoiceAnywhere reporting tools, finance managers can closely track and analyze spending trends across suppliers, business units, and the enterprise. The solution also enables suppliers to perform self-reporting functions.

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Product Features

  • On-demand Solution
  • Single Sign-On
  • Scan, Fax, E-mail Invoices
  • Automatic Data Capture & Routing
  • Electronic Coding
  • Dynamic Approval Workflow
  • Duplicate Invoice Check
  • Avoids Lost Invoices
  • On-time Approval & Vendor Bill Settlement
  • Dynamic Discounts
  • PO Validation
  • Invoice Status Tracking
  • Accrual Reporting
  • ERP Integration
  • Analytics & Charting

How it works: