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PurchaseAnywhere is you’re easiest, most effective, and most efficient web-based solution for the management of your Purchase card spend.

PurchaseAnywhere is the only web-based solution that automates the entire process of managing and reconciling purchasing card charges. PurchaseAnywhere provides stringent controls to manage and reconcile P-card charges in compliance with your corporate policies and with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations.

Although 80% of corporate purchases are low-dollar value, it costs businesses upwards of $80 to issue and manage a single paper-based purchase order. Therefore, it has become economical to use corporate procurement or purchase cards for day to day business purchases. With direct access to global markets, corporate sourcing has crossed traditional geographic boundaries, and the use of purchase cards has expanded into direct spending and higher-end, strategic purchases.

Today over 60% of businesses and government offices are using paper to manually review, allocate, and reconcile their P-card transactions. Such processes are inherently costly and error-prone, lack management oversight and policy compliance, and create opportunities for employee fraud and risk. Thus, many gains achieved using purchasing cards are thwarted by a lack of automation in the reconciliation process, which makes it even more difficult for businesses to comply with SOX.

PurchaseAnywhere solution helps companies better manage corporate purchases throughout the entire life cycle. The solution provides complete functionality for order log management (if required), to allocation, validation and dispute tracking of all P-card charges. The solution helps companies stay in compliance with tax liabilities; and provide reporting capabilities to analyze vendor negotiated programs, contract compliance and strategic sourcing.

PurchaseAnywhere integrates with your ERP systems so approved card transactions can be directly imported in to your GL for reconciliation of your card payments.

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