About Us

About Us

We've been improving customer profitability through operating expense reductions for a long time


To discover, develop, and deliver innovative solutions that help empower clients to spend with confidence while providing complete visibility into corporate spend.


A global economy where mundane and costly business processes are automated; where paper has finally been eliminated; and where companies invest more people and capital in the development and delivery of goods and services that make the world a better place for everyone.

ExpenseAnywhere, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, is a world–class provider of exceptionally powerful, easy–to–use, web–based solutions for improving spend management. We provide high value products and total turnkey solutions custom-configured to unleash operating efficiency, automate processes, and help businesses to control and manage their spending while eliminating paper to be as green as possible.


Our spend management tools also play a vital role in moving companies to more cashless, card-based operations that reduce operating costs, mitigate risk of fraud and abuse, and ensure that company spend is visible and manageable.


All of the ExpenseAnywhere solutions capture vital spend data that is presented in easy-to-use dashboards and reports so that our customers’ accounting and finance leaders can more quickly and easily see how, where, by whom, and with whom their money is being spent. This makes for more informed tracking against budgets, and provides the information they need  to make better informed financial decisions.

Established in 1996, ExpenseAnywhere (formerly known as Virtual Communications, Inc.) is a US based global provider of travel & expense management, corporate and purchase card management, and vendor invoice management automation. Our offices are located in Noida, Mumbai, Chennai, and Pittsburgh, and we maintain a global presence throughout the world through our strategic partners.
Automate Accounts Payable - Technology Partner
ExpenseAnywhere is and always has been synonymous with technological innovation for automating costly and manual business processes that affect accounts payable. We value innovation, and we are committed to continuing to help transform the way businesses manage some of their  largest controllable costs; business travel, supplier invoices, and corporate purchase card transactions.

Experience excellence

At ExpenseAnywhere, our core values are the pillars upon which we have built and will continue to grow our organization in the mission to serve our clients, partners, and stakeholders. It is our belief that to be a successful leader, it is critical for people and organizations to know what they stand for, and what we stand for are these principles.



Be committed. Be Honest. Be Resilient. We are committed to business integrity in all of our actions, and to serve clients and partners honestly so that we may become their trusted advisor. We consider that to be the quintessence of any business relationship, and it has been the key to our business success from the beginning. Put simply, we do the right thing and we do it openly and fairly in all of our business relationships.



We strive to create and nurture a culture of inclusiveness and teamwork that creates equal opportunities for all and which values originality, initiative, and creativity. We work daily to nurture these qualities with our clients and partners, too, and we demonstrate or commitment to a strong and vibrant culture by assuring them through our words and deeds that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of collaboration and service to them.



Customer success is our #1 goal! Our customers are the essence of our business, and we strive to satisfy their current and future needs by working diligently and in partnership with them. Their goals are our goals, and our customers quickly come to know that we truly are focused on their success as the means to our success.



Being a technology company, we believe in change when it is for the betterment of our customers. We are continually working on our products and services, and welcome the challenge of leading the kind of changes that serve our clients better through the most innovative technologies possible.


Quality and Excellence:

We are creating the industry’s highest quality of service dedicated exclusively to our clients. We ensure and accept nothing less than the highest standards of quality in everything we do. Our excellence in designing state-of-the-art solutions for corporate, institutional, and government bodies is what makes us different in the hyper-competitive world of today. We never compromise on quality because we know it is the surest path to business growth and a profitable future.

Our automated workflows allow businesses to run more efficiently, profitably, and swiftly.