Industry-Specific Audit Services

Driving an agile, secure and customer focused Protection against Risk & Fraud.

How it works best for your business success

Expense reports can be fraught with fraud and risk. Many expenses can be out of compliance, duplicate, or suspicious. Our travel and expense management automation solutions are designed to minimize risk and fraud by highlighting policy exceptions and by forbidding duplicate expenses at the point of data entry by automatically matching and validating receipts to expenses and by comparing expenses to policies.


Our Audit Service delivers an extra layer of expert oversight to ensure compliance and accuracy of expenses. We help you to ensure that submitted expense reports are substantiated by appropriate supporting documentation and receipts; that all data is valid, accurate, and appropriately classified to specified expense categories and with sufficient detail; and we help you to greatly minimize the risk of fraud that can include compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404.

 Having control and oversight of employee spend not only reduces costs for your organization, it ensures compliance that must be accounted for as a means for mitigating risk to the business.

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