To most people this sounds and looks like gibberish, but for some, they instantly recognize the classic “Konami Code” after a quick 30-year flashback.

By entering this cheat code on certain video games, players unlocked special power ups that provided everything from additional lives and new levels to faster characters and unbeatable weapons.

Unleashing the code made the game easier for players, turning the toughest challenges into a walk in the park.

For businesses around the globe, ExpenseAnywhere is a cheat code that creates significant savings and frees employees to focus on other tasks by automating the corporate spend management process.

This leads to savings towards indirect costs, enhance productivity of your accounting department, further visibility into travel expenditure, generate helpful analytics to make informed decisions related to cash flow and much more.

According to Aberdeen Group research, “organizations that leverage cloud expense management technology have experienced 28 percent lower expense approval times” and “27 percent lower employee expense report creation times.” Businesses are riding a momentum shift by automating their travel and expenses to shorten the approval and reimbursement cycle.

With One-Click Expense Reporting exclusive to ExpenseAnywhere, the possibility of human error is completely removed.

Gone are the days of employees going over their budget, making duplicate or false reports. Powered by the cloud with A-I and machine learning technology, ExpenseAnywhere automatically captures and compiles the expense report consistent with company policies ready for submission in less than 15 seconds of the click of a button.

On top of that, ExpenseAnywhere integrates with every accounting system out there. No more manual data entry in your AP systems by travelers or accounting once the expense report is approved.

Automated expense management is the cheat code providing ease of use, helping organizations to remain compliant and streamline the core expense report submission procedures within expense management system.

Before we go ahead and answer the question above, let us ask a few more.

Why should you take travel & entertainment expense automation seriously? Why indeed?


Is it because T&E expense is one of the biggest chunks of controllable expenditure after payroll?


Or is it because as per quoted research it can take your employees anywhere between half an hour to a couple of hours to record and submit proofs of their travel expenses?


Well yes, things are no longer simple anymore. After all, there are so many myriad travel, stay and entertainment options out there! There are app-based cab hailing & ridesharing facilities, Airbnb options, home chefs whipping up pop dinners, and so much more. We believe you should consider T&E expense automation seriously simply because it delivers. When you adopt a solution like ExpenseAnywhere, not only does it seamlessly integrate with your ERP thus delivering instant functionality, but its comprehensive set of capabilities meet your entire end-to-end workflow and data capture needs.


Given its cutting edge OCR, AI and ML capabilities, ExpenseAnywhere is a one-stop platform that gives your employees the power & convenience of ‘single click expense reports’.


We all know that physical receipts often lead to a confusing paper trail that leads to error-prone data and frauds. With ExpenseAnywhere, receipts can be instantly digitized by simply clicking a picture and uploading/ emailing the same. Our system intelligently reads the data and automatically does the work so that your employees do not lose out on productive hours.

Meeting compliance requirements and ensuring adherence to internal policies becomes easy as the system intuitively reads, recognizes and alerts user/approver on any missing/against protocol expenditure/item.


So, basically, we are saying, automating your T&E spend management with a powerful solution like ExpenseAnywhere ensures:

  • Faster approvals & travel bookings.
  • Blazing fast digitized receipts on the go (anywhere, anytime).
  • Single Click Expense Reports.
  • Shorter reimbursement cycle.

And we haven’t even gotten started. Switch to ExpenseAnywhere today. It will not only digitally transform your expense management but positively impact bottom-line through enhanced efficiency and cost savings.

Business travel has become globally connected and the demand for more efficient monitoring of expense reports and cash flow visibility has risen. An increased number of organizations are deploying their entire travel and expense management workflow into advanced automation solutions to attain greater ROI and save indirect costs.



Automation brings simplicity to the organization’s expense management process in many ways, such as reduced time in approving pre-travel authorization, ease in submitting receipts, customized approval workflow as per the organizational needs, compliance with companies’ policies, and integration with prepaid card transactions.


Cost savings –  Top of the agenda!


With automation in travel and expense management, you can assure cost savings to the organization by avoiding duplicate and fraudulent expenses, as ExpenseAnywhere tracks such transactions in the simplest way.  You will be notified about such transactions automatically through an advanced receipt matching and validation OCR technology. Also, if any errors or out-of-policy claims arise, the system will flag the occurrence so managers and employees are able to resolve discrepancies. Finance departments will be happier to know that our automated TEM system reviews each line item to ensure it complies with company policy.


Many of our clients have gained upwards of 52% of cost savings and up to 44% of cash flow visibility by automating their travel and expense management system with ExpenseAnywhere.


The time has come to think and act strategically towards implementing accounts payable automation to help businesses overcome challenges related to cash flow management. In the meantime, business travelers are seeking drastically reduced amounts of time and less chaos when it comes to preparing or submitting expense reports. With smart finance technology in place, this can be achieved successfully as they move away from manual and paper-based systems. Our products and company’s success are time-tested, we’ve gone above and beyond our client’s expectations to bring ease of use, simplicity, and accurate reporting for business and travel expense management with our range of automation offerings.


There is an immense potential for businesses to save cost and time as automation in managing T&E will bring control and unlock greater ROI.

No doubt about it that business travel has become a significant part of businesses today. This makes the travel expense reporting a challenge for almost every organization and it’s getting worst with manual processes as finance executives are struggling to gain visibility and ensure compliance in line with company policies.




As per the recent Skift Corporate Travel Innovation Report, “combining business and leisure is the new common” – Seeing the recent up-and-coming trends in business travel, future-oriented businesses start feeling the need of an integrated end-to-end travel expense reporting management system. A lot of organizations started using mobile applications to track and streamline the existing expense management rather than still relying on obsolete spreadsheet expense reporting formats. Later the finance executives realized that change was not small and they start gaining visibility into cash flow along with policy compliance. The easy way to submit business travel expenses and travel approvals make it a lucrative move for the companies which have been stressed over managing business travel and expenses efficiently. Less time, fewer efforts and more gains – this has all that your business needs to pace up the expense reporting workflow.


Never underestimate the ROI, automated expense reporting will bring to the table.


By automating expense reporting, you can save indirect costs, enhance productivity of your accounting department, gain visibility into travel expenditure of your organization, generate helpful analytics to make informed decisions related to cash flow, maintain a policy compliance at different levels of an expense and in total, streamline the business travel expense pipeline from Pre-travel approvals to submitting an expense report, from approvals to reimbursements via ACH/NEFT directly into your employees’ accounts.


Integrating ExpenseAnywhere for managing your business travel expense reporting will bring all that you can ask for, you will be:


  • Enabling an integrated policy-compliance travel authorization
  • A smart one-click expense reporting feature by using the mobile application
  • Insight into spend
  • On-time reimbursements and you can make customizations to the workflow
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Mitigating expense frauds
  • Gaining precision with VAT reclaims


Also, the latest system upgrades introducing machine learning at its best. Dr. Ashok Dhar, President, and CEO of ExpenseAnywhere said, “Our ExpenseAnywhere Release 12 sets a much higher standard in Travel and Expense Management for our customers and us. In addition to the more modern and streamlined user interface, we’re proud to announce the most advanced One-Click Expense Reporting. The advanced OCR and Machine-learning technology incorporated in the Release 12 automatically captures and compiles the expense report consistent with company policies ready for submission in less than 15 seconds of the click of a button.” Dr. Dhar further said, “Our customers who have upgraded to Release 12 are highly impressed with the level of sophistication and automation we have delivered to their organizations.”


What’s Not?


It has been seen that managers even approve expense claims without raising a question. This kind of situation makes it difficult for finance managers to manage spending and gain control over cash flow. A wise advice for organizations looking for rapid control over such problem areas, they need to integrate an automated system to manage expense reporting efficiently and also save those productive hours of employees spent in creating lengthy or detailed expense reports. Let your employees have the freedom of submitting an expense report from anywhere at any time and get easy reimbursements while remaining compliant.


Looking for ways to automate travel expenses? We’re here to help! Get in touch now.