Business Continuity at ExpenseAnywhere

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a humanitarian crisis of immense proportions. It is affecting millions of people in over 125 countries, including ours.

ExpenseAnywhere has been closely monitoring this pandemic and is following the official guidance in different countries/ regions in which we operate, and the recommendations and communications from the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and other government agencies. Currently, shelter in place and social distancing is the standard official directive.

Manging situations like the present while disruptive and uncertain are an integral part of our Business Continuity Plan. Employee safety, customer care, and business operations are central to that Plan. Excellence in support is our promise to clients, and we are committed to delivering on that promise no matter the situation.

ExpenseAnywhere is adequately positioned to support “work from home” directives even at short notice, without our clients experiencing any change in support or service. Our employees in different geographic locations routinely connect using video-conferencing, Internet, Wi-Fi, VPN, VOIP telephones, and have access to conferencing and collaborative tools for efficient and productive work culture.

We would like to share the actions we have taken to keep our employees safe, our operations running, and our customers supported during this pandemic. As a minimum, such measures include:

  1. Providing necessary support and guidance to employees for a safe and quick transition to “work from home.”
  2. Eliminating all non-essential travel.
  3. Ensuring that our global workforce has proper tools available for continued support and business dealings.
  4. Ensuring that all employees have access to video conferencing, office supplied VOIP phones and other online collaborative tools for meetings and customer support.
  5. Ensuring that telephone calls are supported and directed to appropriate personnel, and that staff is ready to respond quickly to any customer issues.
  6. Ensuring that our hosting environments are fully accessible, supported, and managed remotely. We do not expect any interruptions, and nor should you!
  7. Ongoing review and planning to ensure successful work from home environment to mitigate risk, ensure employee safety and morale, and continued business operations.
  8. Additionally, ExpenseAnywhere recognizes that forced work from home can lead to social and psychological issues affecting employee wellbeing and morale. ExpenseAnywhere, healthcare benefits offer coverages for such life events. Management ensures that employees are aware of such coverage should it become necessary.

Should our clients need support, please
or call
USA +1 412-858-1111
EUROPE + 44 20 3371 9183
INDIA +91120 401 1500/ +91 98331 34661

While we hope that the current crisis ends soon, ExpenseAnywhere teams are actively reviewing, planning, and preparing to ensure the continued uninterrupted business operation, and employee wellbeing should the present conditions continue to persist.

We are ready for business and support. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please stay healthy and stay safe!

Dr. Ashok Dhar
CEO, ExpenseAnywhere