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One Click Expense Reporting is a reality with ExpenseAnywhere, our cloud-based and mobile solution that automates the entire end-to-end Travel & Expense management process

One Click Expense Reporting

One Click Expense Reporting matches card charges to receipts and automatically builds the expense report so that all that’s left to do is to submit it for approval.

ERP Integration

We’ll map your General Ledger and cost code structure into ExpenseAnywhere then integrate with your ERP for faster and easier reconciliation without any time-consuming re-keying of data into your AP systems.

Policy Compliance

Our proprietary Advanced Receipt Matching and Validation OCR technology is combined with custom-configured workflows to ensure that every expense is in compliance with *your* specific policies.

Intelligent Dashboards & Reporting

Spend management dashboards and reports for big picture as well as detailed analysis for more informed decisions about where your corporate spend is going and how it gets there.

Receipt Matching & Validation Technology

Proprietary OCR technology matches the corporate card data to imaged receipts while it also reads the receipt for charge types that are out of compliance with your policies.

Corporate cards

Corporate card transactions are automatically downloaded into ExpenseAnywhere where our Advanced Receipt Matching OCR technology does the work of matching card transactions to receipts.

Receipt Imaging

Use the ExpenseAnywhere Smartphone App or scan, e-mail or fax receipts to your personal Receipt Store where our Advanced Receipt Matching OCR technology will automatically link them to card charges for One Click Expense Reporting.

Expense Entry & Approval

Whether through our Smartphone App or a browser, expense entry, allocation, submission, and approval can be as easy as a single click with ExpenseAnywhere.

Self Booking

Search for and book travel through a single sign-on integration that ensures you get air, lodging, and ground transportation at rates that are in compliance with travel policies.

Pre Travel Approval

Automate the review and approval process for travel prior to booking, and with online booking platform integration, automatically lock in and book a reserved trip with fixed cost data.

Email Notifications

Receive timely email notification so that you will not miss any expense report pending for approval. You can also directly approve through the same email.

Mileage Tracking

Save 20-25% ‘leakage’ on mileage reimbursements by using our integrated mapping feature to eliminate guesses and estimates on reported business mileage.

Multi-Currency Support

Enter expenses in whatever currency was used for the purchase and let ExpenseAnywhere automatically do the conversion to your base currency for simpler accounting and faster and easier reimbursement.

Reduce Reimbursement Costs

Eliminate the pain and reduce the costs of reimbursing through payroll or check by using ExpenseAnywhere’s ACH payment services instead.

Tax Tracking

Simple and effective Tax Reporting (GST/HST/PST/QST/ VAT) with Reclamation Reports

Proxy or Delegate

Need to authorize another to act on your behalf? Simple to use proxy and delegate functions ensure that processes keep working and that expenses are properly managed.

Reduce operating costs and enhance corporate spend management through process automation with ExpenseAnywhere

ExpenseAnywhere is an easy to use solution that gives business travelers, accounting, and senior management the tools they need to more easily book travel, get travel approved, enter and submit expense reports for approval and payment processing, and for aggregating all the spend data needed to make better informed decisions about where company funds are being spent.

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Business Travel & Expense Management Automation that is sound, Practical and achievable

At ExpenseAnywhere, we take your travel seriously. Corporate travelers, their managers, and travel managers are all concerned with a good travel experience and with managing expenses that are compliant with travel policies. At ExpenseAnywhere, we help organizations and individuals to simplify and streamline the end-to-end travel and expense management process. Our integrated online booking tools and One Click Expense Reporting technology can automatically validate the booked data with the corporate card billing data, add in all the corporate card purchases and receipts, and create an expense report ready for submission with just one click.

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